25 August 2007

Dream, Dream, Dream

It's been almost a week since our return from Dreamy Island (aka Koh Samui).

The weekend getaway was just what the doctor ordered. Not before much paranoia and anxiety at leaving Stairway though. I left with a heavy heart but also with the comfort that Stairway was left in good hands. Stairway was so well taken care of that she nearly almost did not want to leave (or the fresh tuna my mom fed her almost every day!) when we came to pick her up.

But I've disgressed - I so lurve Koh Samui for its perfect azure blue waters, perfect sunny weather. Soft winds. Warm hospitality. Delish Thai foods.

We stayed mostly indoors apart from that one trip "downtown" for dinner. We had everything we needed at the hotel. Away from the maddening party atmosphere downtown.

I think I'll go again. This time with my girlfriends. ~ Inspira

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