09 August 2007

Homecoming Queen

Stairway celebrated her 1st National Day with us at home, today.

She's been home since Monday evening and today, has her munching on semi solid food.

The road to Stairway's rehabilitation and full recovery is a long and difficult one ahead but I know this will see both Stairway and me come out stronger. I have my boss, M, Exp and Eulee as my rock the past week - thank you so much for being with me. And Dr Miles McNickle and the staff of Companion Animal Surgery have all been super with making sure Stairway is taken care of, looked after and on the right path to recovery.

Stairway and I had a couple of hours of alone time today. On the bed. She fell asleep on me. It was a bonding period. With many more to come. ~ Inspira

PS. The full images seem to get cut off during the slide show. Just link yourself to the online album by pointing to the slideshow title.

1 comment:

exp said...

she's a strong little kitty and you are a good mommy *kiss*