03 August 2007


I'm taking a blogging break to recoup myself and to give my all to the baby of the family.

All those episodes of Heroes Stairway sat through with us, got her imagining to be Peter or Nathan Petrelli early this morning. Out of my mom's 8th floor, when half of us are still in bed in la-la land.

Stairway is a toughie (she meow-ed so loudly when the doc jabbed her with painkiller). She's not gone for surgery just yet due to the blood fluids in her respiratory system but I'm hopeful. ~ Inspira


exp said...


did she take the plunge? from the 8th floor. oh the poor kitty - is she alright? are you alright? sending my love.

Inspira said...

Yes, she took the plunge. She's learnt to open the balcony doors or she wouldn't try to even think she's one of the Petrelli's. She's at the vet now. Unless she starts breathing properly and the blood in her respitory system disperse, nothing can be done with her broken leg and fractured jaw and her big cut.

e said...

awwwww so sad. let's hope for the best.

mini said...

hope she gets well soon ...sends *good vibes*