31 May 2007

Temporarily Apart(ment)

This time tomorrow, M will be in London to be with his mom.

Me on the other hand? I've been trawling the silicon highway, on the prowl of a suitable temporary home.

This spacious apartment caught my eye - high ceilings, wrap-around windows. Terraces with a killer view of London. And located right smack between the city centre and my mom-in-law's. ~ Inspira

(Images courtesy of Urban Spaces)


mini said...

hope M's mom gets well soon!

and that's a cute apt ;)

Inspira said...

Thanks for your thoughts Mini. :-) M's mom seems to be gettting a lil' better as the days go by.

Yeah...the apartment IS a cutie - it's under offer though unless I get to up the other offer. Unless I win some sort of 4D or Toto, that's highly unlikely with the apartment going for more than GBP1m. :-(

~e~ said...

wow... beautiful place - love the timber decked roof terrace!