02 June 2007

Through the Viewfinder

I'm mesmerised off-late by a somewhat new photography movement. It's not a movement per se, more of a photography technique. A flickr group defines Through the Viewfinder (or TTV for short) as taking a picture of any subject through the viewfinder of any camera with another camera.

It's an intriguing process. An old vintagey camera acts as the viewing camera and a new camera (SLR or DSLR will do) snaps the photograph.

(Image courtesy of Catherine Buca)

The image produced from this technique is a marriage of old and new. The subject of the photograph is blurred. The overall image is soft-focused. Dust and scratches are however inherent in TTV photos and elevate the images to that almost vintagey look.

I think I'll experiment. With M in London, it will not be difficult for him to lay hands on this. ~ Inspira

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