30 May 2007

Life-ly London

My mom-in-law is ill.

I am sometimes awfully amazed at how life works itself - inter-twining lives. Constantly.

Prior to my mom-in-law falling ill, M and I on a whim, assessed the situation and came to the decision that if and only if the right employment offer comes along, we'd pack our bags and move to London. M's primary concern is his mom. And rightfully so. We all live once and mortality and the fragility of human life is what we should think about. Who was it that said, you have only one family?

Jobs are abundant in London and I don't forsee having problems getting myself employable - I am not choosy really (except put me in Litigation, please!). I love London's wet weather, as gloomy and dreary as it may be to others. So, with M leaving on a plane tomorrow night to spend a week or two with my mom-in-law, I'll be trawling the Net to perhaps inch ourselves closer to London. ~ Inspira

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