03 January 2011

knobs and frames

the previous owner had a built-in closet in my son's room in the fashion of late 80's-early 90's laminate style. i had wanted to get rid of it but husband and mom outvoted me. so it stayed and remained an eyesore (to me). as a consolation prize, i could do "stuff" to it. so i removed all the mismatched knobs (for some reason, each door has two knobs in it) and replaced them with michael aram's pebbled knobs (he was offering them at a 2-for-1 sale and was giving free shipping). alas, for some reason, i messed up and bought 2 fewer knobs than was needed. now that i'm headed for seattle soon, it gives me a chance to cosy up to Anthropologie and buy some pretty hardware. A pair of this calico owl will jazz things up a bit.

anthropologie knob

And this frames wallpaper will go up to change the facade of that eyesore.

frames wallpaper

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Inspira said...

I like the owls...hoot!