28 December 2010

ideas and to-dos

Advent Calendar by kjerstislykke.blogspot

Advent Candle by kjerstislykke.blogspot

lena corwin

christmas has come and gone but i'm still romanticizing it. this is the best time to gather ideas for what to do the next year, since the whole town has quietened down in anticipation of the countdown.

i realize i like my tree simple. we used the ikea kallt spruce lights (they were heavily discounted) and they are so cute. i wish i could find these snowflakes to adorn the rest of the home ...

on to next project, cinnamon desperately needs a living room pillow to chill out ... these rug pillows seem to nail it. this calls for making a trip to ikea to get the signe rugs - we need to bring our tree back to ikea for recycling anyway...

signe rug pillows for Cinnamon

{pictures from kjerstis lykke via remodelista, lena corwin and martha stewart }


~e~ said...

The rug pillows are such a good idea! Misch loves the signe rugs we have in the kitchen but also can't resist dragging the sofa cushions onto the floor when she's snoozing in the living room. These would be the best of both worlds for her :)

Inspira said...

Bring me - I wanna go Ikea....hahahaha. M is avoiding me like a plague with the mere mention of the "I" word....hahaha

exponent said...

inspira, anytime :)

e - cinnamon does those things too ;)