17 August 2010


Staying home on a lovely Tuesday (it's pouring outside now), looking after a sick toddler is a full-time job.

I didn't manage to clean the study (which I had mentally prepared for) or cleaned the kitchen (which I had hoped) or even do anything remotely home-ly or wife-ly.

To save myself, I think I will do a quick bread and butter pudding later for after-dinner. It'll be simple chinese seafood (by seafood, I mean only prawns) fried rice later for dinner if you must know.

Anyways, whilst silicon exploring earlier for lemon cookies recipe, I came across this:

(Amazing delectable photo of One Girl Cookies "cake" courtesy of stylishy fab Camille Styles)

Just give me a glass of cold milk and an oreo - I'll sit in the corner. Happy.

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