20 August 2010

IKEA, I *heart* you

I hyperventilated and went weak in the knees as I stood in front of the mailbox on early Thursday morning on the way to work.

My Ikea catalog arrived. Yes. MY Ikea catalog. All mine!

I promptly brought it to work. Careful not to crease the corners. This is after all, going to last me a whole year. The same one that I will find myself perusing even in bed, trying to lull myself to sleep, thinking of the beauty of affordable-for-the- masses Scandinavian design.

You betcha I am still hugging my Ikea catalog. :-P

And it's already Friday!

Ps. M has not rolled his eyes and started his "sermon" about how the magazine is contributing to global warning. But if he is listening (or reading), he'll be pleased to know that Ikea uses pulp from certified forests and totally free chlorine paper. It's a step forward.

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