09 March 2009

Mod Squad

M and I are in basking in the wonderful weather of Sydney, albeit it was rained down yesterday and looking a bit gloomy this early in the morning.

We're shopping for a land+house whilst here (thus our decision to give up our want to get a private property back in Singapore even with the plummeting private property prices there) and settling for a bigger quasi-"garment" (for the benefit of our non-Singaporean readers, there's a few Singaporeans who cannot pronounce government thus their localised pronunciation) apartment then (aka 4-bedroom flat).

It was an easy decision.

We're dreaming of the impending heartaches dealing with the council and contractors. Mulling over interiors etc. I think secretly, both M and I live in that sort of stress. A lil' bit masochistic, if you ask me.

Not sure yet what "look" we're after but these sold by Fabulousmess are lovely :

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exponent said...

it's always fun to shop for items for the home :) (i'm speaking for myself, E begs to differ, i'm sure).