02 January 2009

Dreaming still

It all started with this dream. (E --> if you're reading, I'm available to throw the party though you have to take charge of the guest list....*heh* Oh....a girl can still dream)

Since then, I've been a non-stop party-plotting machine:

+ Whiling my lunch time in the office, sketching invites that I may throw in the new year.

+ Browsing magazines for ideas.

+ Trawling the silicon world for beautiful images that might throw me in the direction I was plotting (and hoping) I'll bump into. (This is where I've been visually feasting these days).

+ The different ingredients I can put together as a visual feast (and nourishment of course!) for the invitees. (Recipes found here are easy-peasy - the photos look delicious enough for me)

(Images courtesy of Bread & Honey)

Recently, I've been trying to find ways to throw a party for M's 43rd birthday. In under 3 weeks, it's impossible (of course M is reading this and nods his head in agreement albeit in somewhat-disappointment?).

But if I were to brave the time crunch, how do I do it? Private party for 2? Or an intimate party for a handful?

Oh . . . the conundrum. (Please feel free to imagine me with my head thrown back, with the back of my right hand on my forehead at this point).

The real ruse for this *want* to throw a birthday party for M is so that I can finally release this absolutely maddening creativity that has been brewing in me.

Oh!! Why can't I just stick to, er... say...painting and wall-papering the main door which I have been meaning to do since August? It's so much easier in my (currently) 18th week gestation state.

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