22 December 2008

Tea and Shower

I am dreaming.

At someone else's expense.

I am dreaming of throwing a baby shower for Exp.

Blame this recent obsession with Once Wed. I'm enthralled the moment I wandered in. So, it's all things wedding, but if you tweak an idea here and there, I'm sure it'll do just as nice at a baby shower.

I don't have the big picture of the venue and what-have-yous. But I do know that I'm sure (maybe I'm just being overtly confident here --> heh) Exp would love the English tea theme that I am dreaming. Fruit and herbal tea, scones with jam and butter. Finger sandwiches. The works. The Queen would have begged to get an invite (in my dreams of course!).

And though I am not sure how to go about throwing a baby shower and what it really is about (apart from bringing gifts for the baby), I'm sure it'll be nice for E and Exp to hang out with a group of family and friends before Baby E+Exp arrives in March.

Dreams are beautiful.

1 comment:

exponent said...

awww, you're so sweet - to be dreaming on our behalf :)