30 November 2008

Baby oh Baby

So I decided that I couldn't contain my excitement and made it official on facebook that I was well into my 12th week of gestation.

Seriously though, I decided to do that as I was getting quite a few messages and emails asking why I bailed out on a lot of lunch or dinner appointments etc. I felt guilty for not being able to share the good news but trust me people, I was (almost) dying to tell.

But I had to be sure. Until after the results of the blood test and the nuchal scan, at least.

So, with Dumpling (it's my not-so-secret now nickname for the baby) joining us at the end of May next year, M and I decided to do some harmless window shopping/surveying of what it out there in terms of baby products.

We were assaulted by a riot of colours and shapes and sizes. My man though seems unfazed - huh? And the price tags? I was gob-smacked. Do those things cost that much?

Case in point : plain 100% cotton bodysuits/onesies. I got a pack of 7 from Marks & Spencer when I was in London a month ago. They set me back GBP6.00 (about SGD15.00 at that time's exchage rate).

How much does the same thing cost here? Get this : SGD49.00!

I still can't believe the price difference.

I'm all for regurgitating the local economy, what with recession, but that is a tad bit too much regurgitation.


e said...

Congrats!!! We're so excited for you guys.

Yeah, price diff is crazy...I'm bringing a lot of stuff back from the states.

Inspira said...

I'm sure Exp did good with baby online shopping. :-)

I have Mini volunteering for me...hahahahha. I'm contemplating flying to London in January or March....

exponent said...

congrats once again! so exciting.

Adora said...

excitement central it is!!!! i absolutely know how tough it is to hold your tongue for that long hehe. congrats again babe!