14 September 2008

Cinderella....(or not)

Eid is about 2 weeks away and I think we are set, M and I.

We just need to give the cats a shower. Clean the Creative Room (yet again); rearrange the CDs and DVDs in the living room. Change the linen, etc. And oh....pick up my baju kurung and M's baju melayu from our dressmaker. In JB. And er....bake cookies.

Ekk....we still have LOTS to do - what the 'eck was I thinking? I must have been living in an illusionary world!

Breathe. Breathe.

At least I can strike off the "shoes" off my To-Do List. I purchased a pair of pretty, not overtly-sparkly strappy, slip ons. On sale. Perhaps a few seasons past. Who cares? They are going to be on my feet anyway.

I love the shoes. And that says a lot seeing how I hate strappy evening slip ons and hardly wear them ever!

But yes, I am happy. ~ Inspira

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