07 August 2008

Cuffing it Up

So what's a girl to do when she's got too much going on at work and no time to grab lunch?

A lil' distraction in the form of online "window-shopping" of course. :-P

O.M.G (!!) :

M would love these vinyl cufflinks I am sure.

And since I am having french cuffed shirts made for me tomorrow, these would definitely inject a bit of quirkiness in the boring drab colours I have to otherwise endure :

And I even found a pair for Exp and E - the math whizzes that they are :

Cute, aren't they? ~ Inspira

(All images courtesy of Automaton)


exp said...

haha yes, they are adorable.

yeah, i'm sure M will love those :)

mini said...

I need cuff linked shirts myself! I saw them at this shop at Paragon, I forget the name, I think it starts with R and they specialize in women's shirts? But the actual cuffs were a bit over the top and the collars cut to long for my short neck hehe ..guess the hunt must continue

Inspira said...

Mini : Raoul? I love the colours that they have.. but the collars cut the circulation off my neck - hmm...I need to lose more weight.

Exp, tempted to end the window-shopping and get them. No I must resist! lol