07 July 2008

Viva la Vida

It's 2.54am Monday morning.

6 hours back on the island soil from a quick short trip to London.

In the next room, I hear emanating from the telly, cheers from the Federer vs Nadal Wimbledon Men's Single Final.

London was a respite, despite all.

Beautiful sun. Soft winds playing. I had a few good hours frolicking in Kensington Gardens reading this.

With all the summer sale that was (and still is) going on, what I loved most was spending time alone, walking down the streets, discovering new alleys, new spots to sit down and enjoy the sun.

I'm glad I'm going back to London in October en route to NYC. ~ Inspira

Ps. Exp, this weekend?


exp said...

welcome back :)

what about the next? - i'm sailing the south china sea this weekend.

Inspira said...

Exp, I totally forgot about your China trip until I reread your post on 11 June. Have fun in Shanghai - I'm envious!

Next weekend it will be then. :-) Can't wait to catch up with you and E!