07 July 2008

do you know james beard?

james beard

i can't remember how i got to know james beard - it was a fairly recent discovery. and today, skimming through Gourmet, i found Laura Shapiro's article. i can't wait to get hold of Beard's cookbooks.

i'm pschying myself up for the shanghai trip. i'm done with a project - well, technically some loose ends remain, but that's technical, right? - and i've drifted from aimlessness (i vacillate between being antsy and lazy when i'm not working), to being introspective. i like this "introspective being" of me - i question myself internally, the way i function, the way i relate to the people around, what i learned, what i could have done better, the constant dialogues i have with myself is my way of resting, i think. and i'm still finding new things about myself i didn't know. this is also the time for a pedicure (oh how i procrastinate), errands, and a massage and pilates! and now i feel {almost} satisfied. i feel i could go on and work on another project. i feel happy and almost ready for shanghai.

inspira, can't wait to see you and M again.



mini said...

hiya! I know james beard only from those awards they give to chefs...

ps: when's the trip to shanghai?

exp said...

mini - i didn't even know those awards :P

leaving july 12, i hope to see Katgrrl!