15 July 2008

Shoes and Books

I need to de-clutter our home.

I've got waaaayyyy too many shoes (so M says . . . ). Nevermind that they are all under $100/pair. I don't think I need all those shoes . . . or do I . . . ?

I love my books. And I have yet to read a few of M's.

So the books are staying.

I just need to reorganise them. Again. And these are just on 2 open cupboards. I hate to show the rest of the shelves/cabinets/cupboards littered with books, magazines . . . Suffice to say, I think I'm a literature junkie.

Did I tell you I need to de-clutter our home? ~ Inspira


mini said...

insp: your shoe cabinet is so organized! and no that's not too many shoes :) i like the cute strappy ones with the sparkley thing...

ps. i spy a nelson mandela book on your shelf? hehe

Inspira said...

Thanks Mini. I love that pair of shoes. It's from the wedding. :-)

And yes, it is a Mandela book - Ms. I have yet to read it though.

~e~ said...

one can never have too many shoes! :) you're really neat with your shoe cabinet! i have messy habits.. heheh..

Inspira said...

~e~, can you please tell M that? :-P