16 July 2008

Secret Garden

In my last trip to London, I got to finally visit my über-talented brother-in law (and play with his cat Puddy!) at his bachelor pad somewhere in bohemian Maida Vale.

No pictures of his pad but I love the cosiness which emanate from his home. It's small-ish but it makes up for it with its easy-to-work-with structure and a fabulous back-garden. And oh, I especially love the antiquated bureau and the open cupboard filled with all kinds of imaginable books in his living room.

Menhaj wants to re-do his garden - I'm excited for him and whilst trawling flickr swooning over interiors (my favourite Wednesday lunch past-time, by the way), it suddenly got me wishing for a garden too. ~ Inspira

(Photos courtesy of Modular Garden via modular.garden)


exp said...

drop dead gorgeous!

mini said...

i love #2 ..a far cry from my bare bones patio hahah!

Inspira said...

I love #3 (cos' it's sooo summery to be out there - though can't really do that in London..lol) but leaning to #2 for it's oh-so-well thought layout.

Exp, which one? Menhaj or the gardens? :-P lol