18 July 2008

Party Time!

I've always loved parties and entertaining.

Strange how I articulated that otherwise private thought.

I (or anyone else for that matter) would never have guessed I love parties and entertaining. The smooching around, the clanging of glasses, speeches etc . . . I usually dread and avoid the work/official events.

But I do. Really.

I'll be the first to admit that I usually get super excited at an impending engagement parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, cocktail parties etc. Ok, I admit, I get more excited at the thought of being roped in to help at these parties.

What about the stress, the screams, the unreasonable requests? No problem. I looove doing it. It's bordering masochistic, but I love the challenge of taking on something that everyone else would not dare take on. I love weaving and injecting bits of "party-holders'" lives and personalities into the parties. Maybe that's due in part to the stories I have always loved to listen to.

On that note, M and I are considering to throw a 70s party. I wonder if people will come to our party with big hairdos, bell-bottom pants and all . . .

(**Screen captured images of invites to our (imaginary) parties via pingg - I really should be working instead of clowning around)

~ Inspira


exp said...

so cute - i would rsvp in a heartbeat... so would my platforms and bellbottoms. i think we should have a SATC party when mini comes to town.

mini - what say you? wink wink

Inspira said...

Ooh....how exciting! Yes yes......when when when - gee...I'm hyper-ventilating in excitement already. :-P

mini said...

Sign me up sign me up! :)

Oh wait...did I invite myself again heehee