22 July 2008

the lessons i had this past week

i think it's a diesease.

this reflective, contemplative mood that's been swirling from inspira to me and back to her again.

just like human kindness can touch a person, so can human cruelty.

and lately, i find myself increasingly interested in how i respond to such inconsideration. or consideration with a malicious bent.

and i find myself scrutinizing my actions, my thoughtless words and how they can hurt unknowingly. i see that a demoralized team gathers strength from commiserating and perhaps gossip, the latter doesn't go well with me - i realized.

i also learned that strength comes from outside and the inside and one shouldn't judge the quality of either source. receiving strength from the outside is not inferior to internal strength: i'm a convert to this idea. i once questioned the institution of marriage; through an adversarial episode i realized that being vulnerable and craddled by the person who loves you the most is the greatest comfort.

i realized that if i claimed to have the guts to stand up to someone, i also need to be prepared to be attacked. above or below the belt.

inspira, sending you hugs :)



mini said...

it's a rough world out there. Ladies ..group hug! oxoxox

Inspira said...

(((((HUG)))) - I love group hugs....Feeling much better now.

After all these years, I realise that I am am a fighter through and through and will probably die fighting --> I am darn proud of me.

exp said...

awww, mini and inspira, the group hug makes me feel so much better now :)