11 June 2008

minä perhonen

i finally can take a breather from my work. now, i feel i'm ready to present my craft in Shanghai - please let me in on secret addresses if you happen to have a shanghainese black book :)

these are images from minä perhonen that i've loved for a while and didn't have a chance to mention them here - enjoy!

(in italics-mood tonight)

mina perhonen 2

mina perhonen 4

mina perhonen 3

mina perhonen 5


Inspira said...

When are you off?

Ps. LURVE the fabrics re. the iconic chairs!

mini said...

Love the pleats

Strangely i saw a skirt at H&M with that exact gray fabric with the circles. It looks better on the chair :P

exp said...

inspira - july 12-16 :)

mini - i miss H&M! boo-hoo. marimekko stuff came out yet?

Inspira said...

Mini, I think so too!

Exp, the H&Ms in Amsterdam and London were already stocking the Marimekko designs when I was there last.