10 June 2008

a hop, skip and a jump away

E is playing some old english - a clip that he found on youtube and if you think it's like Shakespeare, boy are you wrong. As was I. It's old-er. and why am I writing this? Normally, when we work cheek by jowl, I can metophorically switch my ears off and focus on my task at hand. This partially explains why my husband might sometimes feel neglected or that I'm not listening to him. But tonight, alas, I left my flashdrive in my office and that means I can't work. And therefore and henceforth, I can shave off my marital debt by being all ears.

While having a presence in cyberspace.

So here I am, with my random unloading. And all my non sequiturs. I'm thinking of picnics. And I'm suddenly obsessed with picnic blankets. With this being a hop, skip and a few bus-stops away, my obsession is pretty intense. I want something quilt-and-patchwork-like, that reminds me of the days I spent lolling in the grass, playing in the fields, catching grasshoppers, ladybugs and derailing ants while my granny chatted and played cards with her friends.

yarnstorm swimming pool quilt
{from yarnstorm}

{Behind the Curtain}

amy butler quilt
{from Amy Butler}


p.s. I'm listening to Gwen now "I'm feeling yummy head to toe, you see me..."

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Inspira said...

Oooh..I remember those days playing in the fields(!)....The poor bugs didn't stand a chance when I was around. lol