26 May 2008


inspira, how can you not heart her?

look at the email she sent me...


Hi sweetie,

I'm in Prague. Surviving the chilling start of summer.....Brrrr.......(I love the sun at this point and literally stood in the sun which came out briefly, for a couple of minutes basking in all its glory).

Anyways, I wrote to you from Amsterdam and will mail a postcard to you from Prague tomorrow. Just wondering whether I got your address right this time.....I'm getting addresses all mixed up. I have this as your address: <blah blah blah edited out by yours truly> . Is this correct?

I can't rememer what I wrote from AMS but I think I had it as "Holland Close". Sure sign of age, I tell you...hahahahah.

I miss you and can't wait to catch up with you again....though I have to admit, I am loving this travel.


I won't bore you with what i replied...

with a friend this good, who needs chocolate?

Inspira, safe travels and sweet dreams (awake or otherwise!) wherever you are


p.s. two links i *heart* but don't have the time to explore ...

+ inleaf
+ kris's color stripes


Inspira said...

Gosh...my first internet access in London. tomorrow (01/06) it will all be over - the travel I mean...for now...but sure can't wait to catch up with you sweetie! :-)

exp said...

i'm sure our little blog is very flattered that that you dropped by with your first internet access!

miss u.