19 May 2008



Sunday night.


Somewhere in the Oud-Zuid, M and I are looking out the large window framing the living room of our rented holiday apartment. ~ Inspira


mini said...

oh my! you lucky girl! how long u gonna be there for?

ps. it kinda looks like boston with the brownstone :)

Inpira said...

Now that you mentioned it, it does bring me back to Boston... :-)

About a week. We'll be out of here on Thursday morning.

exp said...

glad you are having fun sweetie :)

Inspira said...

Exp, yes, we're having a ball if only the sun would come out more. Anyways, we're in Prague now - staying in the most communist of areas of the city - how about that? :-P

exp said...

i'd love to be there...
but frankly, i wish i were in new york now.

we watched breakfast at tiffany's last night.

have fun and i'm looking forward to seeing you when you guys get back.