07 May 2008

ditte isager

ditte isager

ditte isager's art - indelible. more on her here.

i read with a lot of interest on this topic via new york times while sipping my morning "tea with condensed milk".



mini said...

interesting article on "doing what u love" ...though it still does not help me resolve my career crisis :p will I be that good at what I like to meet the same living standard? Sighhhh

Inspira said...

Mini: Same crisis I am facing at the present moment. sigh. We need to have a girly commiseration party of some sort.

exp said...

mini and inspira, yeah, i feel that way too. that "you may not be good at what you love to do" was a bit of a "rude awakening". and i secretly think it's true.

then again, if passion gives me the will to not give up and practice hard, i'm willing to give it a shot. plus i'm trying to unlearn my "instant gratification" habits.

commiseration party sounds fantastic!

mini said...

a commiseration parties will be so therapeutic... just let me know when and where!

exp said...


when = when you are in town of course!

inspira, agree?