21 April 2008

what to do with blue

blue room 2

thinking about blue walls again and deciphering what looks good with it:

(a) lichen-colored bedspread and muted florals
(b) teal poufs and bright sunny yellows

blue room

(c) irresistibly cute daschund and adorable graphic cushions
(d) white storage and organic-shaped containers from IKEA
(e) splashes of orange, citric greens and sky blue

binth cushion

{graphic organic cushions from binth}

lanterns from pearl river

{return to asian roots with understated wire frame lanterns from pearl river}

{all room pictures from martha stewart}


Furniture Stores said...

Blue is the most versatile color after white and black. It goes great with yellow, green, brown, gray, white, pink and all shades thereof. Its one of the easiest colors to mix and match with.

exp said...

thanks for the advice ;)