23 April 2008

an overture

wedding wish


{i wrote this on wednesday night and didn't post it until now - so everything from this line forward is ex-ante}

late night, we finished 17 vietnamese spring rolls (!) they were tiny, unlike the ones we made back in the States - we typically would make 10 for dinner. it's more for my soul that i insist on making dinner after a day at work - it's therapeutic as long as i don't feel that i'm going solo. "feel" and "solo" are the operative words {i guess} and the ones that distinguish me from a stepford wife.

the flurry of recent nesting activities remind me of the heady days of wedding planning. i want it all - to have a shiny home and a job that brings home not only bacon but also pancetta. then again, with a full time job, i wonder when i'll get through the recipes-stash that i've ratpacked away and carted around from and to three different cities, the many cookbooks that had sailed the seas and had finally made their way here, and the amazon-wishlist that i've been coveting. and although we don't have a Willams-Sonoma here, i find myself itching to go to Pantry Magic every week. {and if we do have a williams-sonoma here, i can picture you and me shopping there.}

so there, i feel like i'm planning a wedding all over again. except this time, it's a martha-stewart-esque home making obsession. it's self-flagellation and (i admit) strangely satisfying. and tonight, i came across this charlotte mold at the Williams-Sonoma website and feel that i have to get it. that familiar fervent. our wedding budget did not permit a wedding cake - i had wanted a charlotte - and as serendipity would have it, we had our charlotte. during our honeymoon. in paris. my sister who was living in paris then, bought the cake and served sauternnes with it. it was a simple lunch. it was a poignant memory. it was a transitional point from wedding planning to living a new life. i remember telling myself, "this is what life should be about - celebrate whenever we can, given the tiniest opportunity." it felt right that i had my cake and ate it surrounded by my family.


{anti-climax} so back to my mold, my mind says to get it - and when i read the story on W-S about the heart-shaped handles being "traditional", i'm almost sold. the overture i make when mulling over a purchase is taking up precious blog-real-estate, yes?

{image: left - martha stewart, right - williams sonoma}


Inspira said...

I'd get it in a heartbeat. :-) --> but does that mean E will ban us from hanging out at Pantry Magic together?

exp said...

neh, E doesn't really care as long as he gets to buy as many language books as he likes