26 April 2008

tissue-box tutorial

talented Lara Cameron designs really imaginative limited-edition eco-fabric that is a 55-45 hemp-organic cotton blend. there's something about "real" fabric that synthetics could never measure up to. synthetics could never breathe - something i've grown to really dislike over the years. lara cameron writes a blog and look, there's a tissue-box tutorial to boot!

note to self: another project in my craft-inbox ( inspira, am i digging my own crafty grave??? when should we hit spotlight - huh huh huh???)


tissue box diptych

Lara Cameron Fabric

{tissue-box tutorial pictures and fabulous fabric - all from lara cameron}

lotta jansdotter fabric

{speaking of fabric, these from lotta jansdotter easily work with any home decor too}

{top rows from the kirin notebook}
{bottom row fabric from Lotta Jansdotter}


Inspira said...

How about the Saturday after next? 10th?

I may just pop by Arab before that cos' it's oh soo been awhile since I walked down that street.

exp said...

10th - sounds divine :)