25 April 2008


momiji dolls


is this new? momiji dolls? have i been living under a rock? these are so cute, oh i wish i could own all of them, each holding a secret message for my {imaginery} daughter - like "mommy will see you at the madhatter's tea."


my favorite is Momiji Flowers that says "I dreamt about the flowers they sang about tomorrow."
these dolls are from patina stores who has an amazing selection of kitchen goodies - surf away!

kitschy kitchen

the website doesn't give much details but sparrows salt and pepper shakers are inspired by Charley Harper and the floral thermoses are from London's Victoria and Albert Museum and are based on the deisgns of William Morris (also seen on the decemeber 07 issue of Oprah's O magazine.)


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Inspira said...

The dolls are sooo cute! I have seen a few of them around but I never really got taken in until now! ;-P