28 April 2008

Star Wars

I remember the time.

I trawled the silicon highway what seemed to be so long ago, for the perfect cufflinks.

After months of patiently trawling, I found the perfect ones (like these offered on eBay) for M. The look on M's eyes and the curl of his lips as they break into a smile was enough to melt the rock in me.

(Images courtesy of Gr0glmann)

Now. C'mon. I know these cufflinks made you hyper-ventilate in excitement. :-P ~ Inspira


mini said...

so when will M be wearing them?! lol

Inspira said...

Mini: Didn't get the star wars ones for M --> he's not a fan apparently. :-P The Simpsons ones...now, he looks sooo cute wearing them!

exp said...

i'm a fan - hmmm, maybe i should get them :)