30 April 2008

nigella lawson

nigella express

it's time, i should think (and i do <--sounds like a marital covenant) that i get out my fat wad of clipped (and oft-times) hurry-scurried handwritten recipes and start cooking and innovating.

lately, i've been seen toting my prebirthday present around - from the bedroom, to the kitchen, to the study (sing this to the tune of the 70's corningware advertisement.)

if, through some cosmic coincidence, you are {also} hard up for
nigella during the work week and have a set of headphones in the office, these may provide some reprieve:

  1. Valentine's Chocolate Indulgence
  2. New Year's Food Traditions
  3. Time-saving holiday tips
  4. Spring Holiday Recipes
  5. Eat and Run Breakfast Ideas
  6. 'Feast' with Nigella Lawson
  7. Summer Flavors


1 comment:

Inspira said...

Oooh....must share recipes? Pre-birthday? When's your birthday? Email email! :-P You know I am getting older - forget who's who and what's when. Grrr.....