03 April 2008

Let's Get into Bed

Dear Exp,

I realise that my time away from the blog has been far too long.

I've been hunting still. For the right bedding sheets for our "old-new" Aussie mattress. I never realise until 2 weeks ago, how difficult it is to set eyes on sheets to fit our Aussie-sized mattress; let alone purchase them.

I found the prettiest sheets:

(Images {top to bottom} : West Elm, Pottery Barn & Inhabit)

I'm still convincing myself to throw caution into the wind and just purchase the sheets online. ~ Inspira


mini said...

heck ... buy em buy em! :)

I like the green hotel looking ones

~e~ said...

i like the white/green ones too! :)partial to that colour scheme. half the bedlinen in my home follows that scheme (not intentionally).. heheh..

Inspira said...

I am biased towards that green one too. The texture of the cover (I'm a sucker for texture) and the subtle pearl embroidered sheets are oh so chic. But M hates green for some weird reason...Bleah.

exp said...

oops, i'm the odd one out, i like (1,2) and (3,1), i.e. the grey one at the top right and the mustard/ochre-brown ones. i second that you should go ahead and get them, once you've received them, you'd feel better ;)