04 April 2008

dark and light



friday night. late night. what are you doing? this week went by too quickly and i miss our little back-and-forth, to-and-fro emails that get us through any work day.

i'm still drawn to orange+blue. but now, i'm so drawn to dark blues - those steely hues that seem to provide the sturdy backgroud to make everything more luminous. above pictures are from blueprint which ran a feature on
Binth's Suzanna Bierwirth's Chicago home in its swansong issue.

i'm thinking of going to spotlight again, perhaps we should head to the lala land once more? this time, i should schedule more inspira-time :)

have a good weekend.



~e~ said...

ooh, cute doggie on couch! :p

blueprint is not being published anymore? no more blueprint ever again?.... :(

exp said...

~e~, it's true, blueprint is gone (you can still get back issues) but the team behind blueprint is now blogging fiercely at bluelines:

Inspira said...

Me wanna go Spotlight. :-) When when when?