16 April 2008

donovan beeson

donovan beeson
donovan beeson red flower letter portfolio

i don't know about you

but most of my mail these days comprises junk and bills.

it's as if people who matter seldom write.

and those that don't matter stuff your mailbox to a surfeited state of delirium.

i'm fighting hard and have taken on a new resolution, to write a letter at least once a month.

mopey-ness aside, goshness abounds in etsy. look at these from Donovan Beeson - vintage airmail sets, handmade envelopes and letter writing portfolios, perfect for penning thoughts on the go. perhaps, they will goad you into joining my battle. comrades?



Inspira said...

I am echoing your sentiments. I get way too many bills and what nots. But last night, I came home to a box filled with stationery goodies - I'm excited to write on my first custom-made letterhead. :-)

exp said...

how fun! got to show them to me :)