07 March 2008


dearest inspira,


there's something about comfort, about resiliency that i'm slowly beginning to understand. i believe the human spirit is indeed capable of overcoming or numbing itself in order to move ahead. unconsciously, we all do it.

having been married for 2.25 years but only lived 0.66 years together, E and i are finally in the same time zone (and the same continent to boot!) there are certain blessings that go un-noticed in life but, depending on what you've been through or where you come from, you could spot treasures on earth. and miracles. and i'm lucky to experience that, that loss precedes gratification, that endurance precedes strength, that faith precedes deeds and action. these sequences are all life lessons that i treasure, that having trudged this far, life is really an adage - this, too will pass.

if i were to take a quiet moment and seriously ponder, i really don't mind the monetary shortfall in terms of what we could have, should have, would have gotten based on our qualifications, talent, experience. i believe that all wealth we have are not ours, we are merely custodians of God's wealth. there's little point in elbowing your way to get an extra dime, an extra dollar, just as there's little point in stealing and cheating. while the competitive streak in me wants to get what i could at times, there is this little voice in me that is happy with the way things are... when i have the least, i seek out the best ways to feel fulfilled.

so this. this is comfort - to wait at the airport, knowing that the plane has landed, that your eyes well up, because you waited for so long for this moment. so this. this is "settled", to be carried off your feet into your home you had taken pains and wit to decorate with the simple possessions you brought with you, to be a bride again.

in all my life's miracles so far, this is the best yet. and i'm thankful thankful thankful.



Inspira said...

Love overcomes all, as cliche as it sounds, I firmly believe it. Enjoy your time together you two. :-)

mini said...

congrats on being reunited! * pops champagne *

exp said...

gee, thanks inspira and mini!

~e~ said...

Hey Exp... this is really late.. .but I'm glad that E is finally here! :)