11 March 2008


Oh my head....my head.....the Martini Bianco got to my head.....

I celebrated by 33rd yesterday with M.

Details (and pics!) to come.

Pssst.........M told me that he actually thought Kate Spade bags were great (this revelation after he went birthday gift shopping) My man...M actually said that! He actually went to look at girly bags for me. :-P ~ Inspira


mini said...


OK this is cruel, what are you waiting for? show us the bag!

Inspira said...

Thanks Mini. :-)

We both decided that the bag will have to wait till we get to the US, which is due for a trip before the year is out..or early next year. This girl can wait! I'm still excited about M liking Kate Spade bags... :-P

exp said...

hey, i left a comment here last night - where did it go?????

anyway, i was going to say that M has great taste - as usual (i'm also egging him on ;) )

and.... happy birthday sweets!

~e~ said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Share pics of baggie when you get it! ;p