19 March 2008

a promise

cinnamon in cville

where did everyone go?
why did they leave me a microwave for?
where's the popcorn?

i wrote in a comment that i was working at bringing cinnamon to singapore
the key word, i'm ashamed to say, was 'working"

i worked a little, like asking around for pet movers references and maybe read a few posts on the internet... i'm still in-transition, my dog is still in another continent

life gets into the to-do list unscripted
and my type A personality sometimes resents that about life
i tried to think about why i'm procrastinated kick-starting the process of getting cinnamon here
the closest to truth reason i can think of is, i'm tired

i would like to convince myself that i did work to get my husband here
so, getting family member #1 here was like a mini-accomplishment
my brain then died a little, like it needed a break before getting
family member #2 to come

and then guilt kicks in

and the action should follow soon

all of these thoughts are carefully orchestrated by my type A personality - perhaps.

we recently uploaded some pictures onto flickr and i get to my favorite activity - writing the descriptions, much like reading too much into things - and i realize how much i miss my dog, i realize how much i miss her fluffy ears and her loyalty. and now i so feel like crying.

soon, cinnamon, mommy will get you here.



Inspira said...

*sniff* *sniff* I miss C too. :-(

mini said...

awww sooon! hugz to C where ever she is.

~e~ said...

*tear*... hope to meet C when she arrives!