18 March 2008

fruit of the loom

heyjud paaryna

oh, i've gone mental...

i'm obsessed with marimekko - look at the beauty above from heyjud, don't you just love the juxtaposition of green and black (and white) ?

and of course, inspired, i went on a hunting spree for more to munch on ...

i found the perfect "pear" (sounds like pair, geddit?) and something to keep the doc away (i'm officially cheesy+crazy, not a great combination)

jonathan adler 1

jonathan adler 2

{top image features marimekko's paaryna's print via heyjud's flickr page, bottom images are jonathan adler's pillows from pillows and throws}

for a real-life example of cuteness, check out this.

i'm now surfing for a shrink or a rehab to check into.



mini said...

did you hear about marimekko licensing its prints to H&M for a new line ?

exp said...

yes! i'm excited and they have h&m in long island - yay!

oh mini, your job is to stop my obsession, stop fanning the fire ;)