13 March 2008

granny's crochet

there's something that i really like to do but can't do as much as i would like to - crocheting

there's the thing about the tropical climate that makes crochet products a little irrelevant - i remember making little layettes for my best friend's baby girl and a blanket with little lambs for a baby boy born in the year of the ram - and i'm sure these are stuffed somewhere dark in my friends' respective armoires together with mothballs and old boyfriends' letters.

then, there's the granny, frou-frou factor.

though, what's so bad about all things granny. my granny was my favoritest person in the world.

oh, the repetitiveness of crocheting, how my fingers would ache a little from endless hours of crocheting - it was how i spent my (surprise!) summers in wisconsin when school ended and i got the absolute pleasure of sitting in the (much to my delight!) deserted library or the union with a full view of lake mendota.

these images are tempting me - perhaps black crochets and scalloped ends in velvety cream would work.... ~exp~



{images above from mociun (via Lena)}

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Inspira said...

Crochet stuff are beeeautiful! Cream and black sounds divine - so do I get to go to your house huh huh huh? --> imposing me I know! (And yes.....you're due for a visit to ours....as soon as our bed comes in this weekend --yeay!)

exp said...

of course you get to come to see us :) soon, i promise!

mini said...

insp...are u inviting exp to erh hang in your bed? heehee

my mom is a big crochet-er(?). she specializes in security blankies for babies (she made mine!).

Inspira said...


Mini, for the price we paid for that bed to accomodate the OZ mattress M brought from Sydney, it better be worth all of us being on that bed at the same time. :-P

Oooh! How sweet your mom!

Exp, I will hold you to it.. :-P

e said...

When I see the title of this post, the first thing that my brains processes is granny's crotch. Ewwwww.

Inspira said...

LOL. e, all those numbers you have been working on has got you cross0eyed. :-P