16 March 2008

crazy about tea towels

i really hate to write over inspira's sweet post... so, i'm going to fudge a little and pretend that i wrote this post before her...

so besides, trawling ebay for fabric, i've been staring at my home to see what i could do... as if i have a lot of time on my hands - not!

still, today i happened to skim throught
remodelista's archives and came across this beauty by Elizabeth Salonen. Helsinki Remade linens are inspired by the city's (Helsinki's) Art Noveau's architecture.

i'm such a shameless copycat - i think i've something brewing for the trusty
ikea tekla - these are unbelievably absorbent and dry up speedily (an attribute you would be thankful for in this humid climate). ~exp~

project towel

{image: left from Design Forum Shop, right from IKEA}


Inspira said...

You should make them and sell them on etsy. I'll be your first customer! :-) I NEED tea towels..Really I do!

exp said...

you can have my prototype for free ;) hee!