16 January 2008


M and I have finished planning our vacation blitz for the first half of the year:

There's (1) Siem Reap in February (post birthday "gift" for M and pre-birthday "gift" for myself), (2) Bali (yes Exp, when I booked the flights to Bali, I stupidly keyed in M's Frequent Flyer number so before he finds out when he goes into his FF account, I told him in person one fine day - he was totally surprised - thankfully - phew!) in April for our wedding anniversary. And in May, a trip to (3) Amsterdam and Prague (with London somewhere in there as usual but this time a concert to Bruce Springsteen at Emirates Stadium is included much to M's excitement).

So, M recently suggested an exciting way to travel - that we take 2 weeks off to a new location not known to us until just 24 hours prior; that we do a random selection (via Excel) the night before intended departure to find out where we are going to. Of course, there will be certain criteria which will have to be considered i.e. visa requirements, countries at war (eg. Iraq, Afghanistan etc). Other than that, it'll be departing Singapore on Saturday, random selection on Friday night and more or less 12 hours to pack accordingly, change currency, last minute accomodation bookings if at all etc.

I am excited! It'll be a new insight and perspective to our relationship.

Maybe in October/November, M? ~ Inspira


exp said...

re para 1, ooo, so exciting but it's hard for me to imagine M crooning springsteen.

re para 2, i'm already feeling the stress - vicariously, that is.

Inspira said...

LOL - Oh yeah, M, does croon springsteen in his own private space (aka not within my ear shot).

Stress is inevitable, somewhat, in travel. But isn't travel all about learning? Besides, with all the hive of activity 24 hours prior, we'll be too far gone in deep sleep during the flight over. :-)

mini said...

i like that idea! wondering about ticket prices, would they be more or less expensive closer to the date?

Inspira said...

Mini: it could work both ways. Waiting last minute can result in offer prices by airlines. The only difference would be the impact of the fuel charges. Of course, travelling outside of summer (May - late August) and public holidays can be an advantage when it comes to flight prices.

~e~ said...

sounds terribly exciting! i'm envious! cos i'd love to do that but i don't know if i would actually be capable of it, control freak that i am... (think lists and tables and schedules and excel spreadsheets.. hehe...)

you must tell us all about it when it happens. :)

Inspira said...

~e~ I have that control issues too, to be honest. But that part adventurous part of me is willing to s.l.o.w.l.y let go of the control. :-P

Adora Tan said...

super cool! i'll be scared shitless but go for it man!