17 January 2008


I had an insightful and captivating dinner conversation with Exp last night over simple fare at Thai Express at CityLink Mall.

I have always loved talking to Exp - she spins and poses a new learned perspective to age-old doubts and paranoia that I have harboured. And I learnt something new last night : that I can do genetic testing - something to think about when one is planning to expand the family.

Exp sweetly brought back a gift for me :-

(All images courtesy of Chronicle Books)

One of my favourite things (the journal); one of my favourite cities (Seattle - I love the constant rain, truly!); one of my favourite people (Exp). Life is good to me; I'm thankful. ~ Inspira

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exp said...

awww shucks.....
:) i had a great time the other night - thanks :D