24 December 2007

The Spirit of Christmas

It's that time of the year again. When office colleagues, friends and family exchange gifts.

The office is in such a ruckus today cos' no one is actually here to work(!)

M hates this time of the year. Not the essense or meaning of Christmas. But to him, he loathes the commercialism this time of the year has inevitably brought about. When everyone rushes about in their own way pushing through crowds to get their hands on that last toy on the shelf. Where is that spirit of Christmas?

Me? I do my Christmas shopping throughout the year. It may be in March, and I spot something that my Friend L would love. It may not be the most expensive, but something that I know she would love anyway.

Friend J and I, we have a warped friendship, if not the craziest. We talk about our Christmas gifts for each other. We get each other something that we actually would like. Sure beats all that headache one can get from trying to come up with a gift list. This year, Friend J being the book lover that she is, has requested for vouchers for Kinokuniya.

The best part about buying gifts though, for me, is when I eventually get to wrap them. Pretty paper, grosgrain ribbon, cinnamon tucked in with a hand-written note. Yes, even the prezzie I get for Friend J gets a pretty packaging.

To all my family, friends and loved ones, Merry Christmas and thank you for being the wonderful people that you are and for being a part of my life. ~ Inspira

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