27 December 2007

Make Art Not War

So, I didn't win that Coach Hamptons Leather Carryall on eBay --> for the umpteenth time, yes, I'm a cheapie! I've been at war with myself on taking up Exp's offer to purchase the tote from Macy's at the post-Christmas Sale (--> how was the sale, Exp?)

I think I have been a good girl this year : I worked hard. Extremely hard. I've been a good wife, good mom to the kittens and hopefully, a good friend. The tote would have been a reward for myself. Sort of a pat on the back. My own back. But why is it then, that I find it so difficult to part with USD400 to purchase a bag? A bag?! I think I just reiterated and highlighted to myself why I didn't frivolously spend that money.

Instead, I got to "chatting" with Ee Shaun and lo and behold, I have parted with some of that money for a commissioned painting.

A few of my friends have already quizzed me on my decision to go the art(istic) way, to which I really had no good answer apart from the obvious that both M and I really do love art. Nevermind the fact that I paint and shoot and have over the years, amassed a collection of both to warrant an exhibit of my own.

But today, as a new day begins, I think I know why I want to spend that money on an Ee Shaun painting, and so easily at that too. Because, I want to support local talent. Ee Shaun's works are not normally for sale so that's rare. Plus, his works, to me at least, is a cross between Keith Haring's quirky works and the honesty found in Jean-Michel Basquiat's works. ~ Inspira


mini said...

hey! i have a 20% off coach voucher that i'm not using. interested? I can send it to exp ;-)

let me know ...

Inspira said...

You are too kind Mini but really, I must resist....surely you can use the voucher for your own? --> am I convincing at declining? Besides, Exp is leaving NY in a week - time flies - so no time to go shopping for crazy fickle cheapie me....Thanks - you're such a sweetie. :-)

exp said...

i love ee shaun! wow, i'm already envious :)

the carryall will be there anytime (did i just jinxed it?) - if we don't get it this time, there will always be next summer, i.e. I'll be back (can't resist being tacky.)

mini said...

insp> it's a free voucher i got in the mail :) not buying cuz i'm a poor student. not making things easier eh?

Inspira said...

Alamak Mini.....you are too tempting! lol. I better be a good girl in the new year and keep my wallets in tact...Thanks though.