17 August 2007

Music & Lyrics

I have been wanting to post this for a while. But thoughts on music does not usually come as easily for me.

To me music and lyrics are to be felt. Inside. Emotionally. It's not something someone can just pigeon-hole and label as "funk rock" or "alternative". Who comes up with them anyway?

I've been blessed to be able to play decently on my violin. I used to play the drums in the studio (way back then, there was only a handful of affordable ones to rent!) with my brother and friends.

If you are observant enough, years of playing the violin (though not officially schooled - I was home-trained by my meticulous though musically-crazed grandpa - God bless him - I love you Grandpa, wherever you are) have resulted in my being double jointed in my fingers.

I'm contstantly amazed and inspired by people who put music and lyrics together. Putting into action, their dreams. On their own. A friend and colleague is one of those talented indie lads who dare to dream. ~ Inspira

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