20 August 2007


It's tough being a parent to a stubborn 7-month old. Albeit the 7-month old in question is a kitten. So how is it that her temperament uncannily resembles any other 7-month old baby?

My heart twinged when I had to say goodbye to Stairway just before I left for the office last Friday - I wouldn't see her pixie-face again till late Sunday evening. She cries so loudly when she demands her litter to be cleaned, or when hunger pang strikes her. She refuses to listen to us - paces about her cage and hangs on the metal grid as if in protest of us locking her up in her 2ft cage at the vet's advice. Sleeps ever so soundly when we huddle her on our lap and cuddle her.

Stairway's rehabilitation is taking a bit of a detour - the pin holding the 2 broken bones of her right hind leg has protuded and caused a tear in her skin (from walking and pacing about too much no doubt!) . A 2nd post-surgery check-up is in the books today. I hope Dr McNickle has some good news for us. ~ Inspira

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