05 July 2007

Sunflowers Surprise

M surprised me with these on Tuesday. No reason at all.

I love him to bits. ~ Inspira


lipstar said...

I give you Mr Lipstar's hp no. Can you please ask him to do this also?

I hint to him many times oredi, but those hints were obviously tpp subtle -_-. Every time I see someone carrying a bouquet of flowers, I will do the action of holding imaginary flowers in front of him, but til now no action leh. :\


lipstar said...

Alamak, typo. Should be "too subtle", not "tpp subtle". All the angry fumes above my head fog my vision leh. Ke ke.

exp said...

aww, so tweet!

Inspira said...

Lipstar, does he know you're carrying imaginary flowers and not an imaginary baby? :-P

Exp, aye....he's sweet. It's one of those good days, I don't feel like strangling him in his sleep. hahaha