04 July 2007

Project Procrastination

Procrastination is not good for anyone. We all know that. Then why the 'eck do we still procrastinate despite knowing that?

Case in point : M and I were supposed to be on a plane this month to what Exp terms as "dreamy island"; otherwise known to mankind as Koh Samui. Every night, our routine is to check on Bangkok Airways' website just to ensure that the return flight prices are still the same, with the intention that we will eventually make the booking the next evening. The next evening comes, and we do the same. And so it goes.

So, last week, whilst doing the same "exercise" as we have so many days prior, I realised that flights on the dates we were looking to book have been sold out.

We have since made re-arrangements for the hotel stay to August. Thankfully, the hotel stay is free - dear M won it at some blogging-comment-contest.

Now, if only we can finally do the deed! ~ Inspira


lipstar said...

Do what deed? Make babies? :p

Good morning.

Inspira said...

HAHAHAH - You're too farnee Lippy! I was referring to making the on-line booking - get your mind out of the gutter! :-P